Clayton's 2016-2018 Curb/Gutter & Pavement Project

2018 Tentative Paving Schedule; Weather Permitting

The first two weeks of June the following streets are scheduled to be paved:

Dominican, Pugliese, Pineland, Shadywood, Warrior, Elru, Pepperton, Fontella, Lempco, Tuxford, Vintage

The crews will then move to the following roads and anticipate completion by the end of June or first of July:

Michelle, Stillmore, Rushleigh, Kinsey, Park Vista, Denver, Glenhills, Baldwin Hills, Scothills, Seville, Roblarhills, Sunnyhills, Old Salem (between Taywood and Union Roads), Rushwood Circle, Pebblebrook, Woodacre, Packingham, Sandpebble, Golf Manor, Laynehils, Enesco, Sydenham, Stranwood, Templehurst, Fairlawn, Foursome, Fallwood, Firtree, Marlbank, Oakfield

Paving of Valley Brook is tentative at this time.

The North Clayton Community Authority will be paving the alley for the residents on Anneliese Way.

What to Expect

Spring of 2016 marked the beginning of a three year comprehensive Road Resurfacing Program. The work consists of a six million dollar project over three years that will resurface 67 lane miles of local roads and 15 lane miles of arterial roads.

The first step of this project is to repair or replace damaged curb, gutters and driveway approaches. Residents whose properties are in need of one or more of these repairs will receive a letter detailing what needs to be repaired or replaced. Once the repairs are completed, the street paving program will follow.

Ordinance 904 and 905 - Concrete Standards

List of Bonded and Insured Concrete Contracators
Road Project Expectations Flyer