2019 Ordinances and Resolutions

2019 Ordinances

Date Ordinances Title
01-xx-2019 O-01-19-01 Title

2019 Resolutions

Date Resolutions Title
01-17-2019 R-01-19-01 A Resolution to Re-appoint Jennifer Weeks to the Clayton Board of Zoning Appeals for a Five-Year Term
1-17-2019 R-01-19-02 A Resolution to Appoint Vance Garner as Member of Planning Commission for a Five-Year Term
1-17-2019 R-01-19-03 A Resolution Appointing Member to the Cost Recovery/Impact Fee Appeals Board
1-17-2019 R-01-19-04 A Resolution to Appoint Clayton Representatives to the First Suburbs Consortium for the Year 2019
1-17-2019 R-01-19-05 A Resolution Authorizing the Approving Amended Credit Card Policy for the City of Clayton in Accordance with Ohio House Bill 312 (Ohio Revised Code 717.31)
1-17-2019 R-01-19-06 A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter Into an Agreement for Delegation of Activities with the Board of County Commissioners of Montgomery County, Ohio Relative to a CDBG Award of $40,000 to the City of Clayton for ADA Ramp Project (Grant No. B-18-UC-39-0004)